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            Hop the Trail

            Fort Wayne breweries are sending out an invitation and a challenge. Explore the craft breweries in northern Indiana and discover what they have to offer – and there’s a lot. The Northern Indiana Beer Trail encourages beer lovers to visit 20 craft breweries and collect stamps to win cool beer swag. The beer trail passport is available at Visit, as well as at the stops along the trail.

            Allen County/Fort Wayne

            2 Toms Brewing
            3676 N. Wells Street, 260.402.7644,

            Birdboy Brewing 火红彩票平台手机下载 at SolBird Kitchen & Tap
            1824 W. Dupont Road, 260.579.5508,

            Chapman’s Brewing
            819 S. Calhoun Street, 260.203.4103,

            Fortlandia Brewing Co.
            1010 Spring Street

            GnomeTown Brewing
            203 E. Berry Street, 260.422.0070,

            Hop River Brewing
            1515 N. Harrison Street, 260.739.3931,

            Junk Ditch Brewing
            1825 W. Main Street, 260.203.4045,

            Mad Anthony Brewing
            2002 Broadway, 260.426.2537,

            Summit City Brewerks
            1501 E. Berry Street, 260.420.0222,

            Trubble Brewing
            2725 Broadway, 260.267.6082,

            DeKalb County

            Auburn Brewing Co.
            309 N. Main Street, Auburn, 260.333.7468,

            Mad Anthony Brewing
            114 N. Main Street, Auburn, 260.927.0500,

            Elkhart County

            Goshen Brewing
            315 W. Washington Street, Goshen, 574.971.5324,

            Iechyd Da Brewing 火红彩票平台手机下载
            317 N. Main Street, Elkhart, 574.293.0506,

            Wedgewood Brewing
            106 S. Main Street, Middlebury, 574.358.0265,

            Kosciusko County

            Orthocity Brewery & Smokehouse
            975 Warren Street, Warsaw, 574.269.4708,

            HopLore Brewing
            100 Old State Road 15, Leesburg, 574.453.0496,

            Man Cave Brewing
            10201 IN-13, Syracuse, 574.337.1308,

            Mad Anthony Brewing
            113 E. Center Street, Warsaw, 574.268.2537,

            Noble County

            Guesswork Brewing 火红彩票平台手机下载 at the Albion Alehouse
            108 S. Orange Street, Albion, 260.636.2446

            LaOtto Brewing Co.
            202 S. Main Street, LaOtto, 260.897.3360,

            Saint Joseph County

            Bare Hands Brewery
            12804 Sandy Court, Granger, 574.277.2258,

            Evil Czech Brewery and Public House
            3703 N.Main Street, Mishawaka, 574.855.3070,

            Steuben County

            Chapman’s Brewing
            火红彩票平台手机下载, 300 Industrial Drive, Angola, 260.319.5495,

            Mad Anthony Brewing
            4080 N. 300W, Angola, 260.833.2537,

            Beer Trail Partners

            Ambrosia Orchard
            12 acre Orchard, Cidery, and Meadery offering a family friendly tasting room. 14025 US 27, Hoagland, 260.639-4101,

            Brewhound Bus Tours
            Enjoy the beer trail safely with a ride from Brewhound. Grab a group and visit multiple breweries along the trail. 260.238.0400,

            Kekionga Cider 火红彩票平台手机下载:
            Handcrafted hard cider, locally made. 7328 Maysville Road, 260.240.9229,

            Pedal City Tavern & Beer Garden, Pedal Pub Tours
            Up to 14 riders can bike their way on a special private Fort Wayne pub tour. 260.415.6167,


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